Webinar Recording: 
A Pardot Audit in 10 Steps


With all the chaos going on right now, you do not need a haywire Pardot workspace added onto everything else. An audit can help your team identify current gaps and learn where to start for building seamless and revenue driving marketing automation.

When your Pardot instance is a mess it can result in your IP address getting blacklisted, prospect sync errors to Salesforce, your database reaching its storage limit, wasted time, and wasted money.

With Cheshire Impact helping over 2,600 clients, we have seen it all. Access our webinar recording as the author of Marketing Automation Unleashed, Casey Cheshire, leads you through what it takes to run a successful Pardot Audit in 10 steps.

Topics Include:
-Where the Road Begins
-Pardot Pitfalls to Avoid
-The 10 Steps
-Life After the Audit
-Live Q & A!

Watch the recording and learn how you can get a copy of Casey Cheshire’s book, Marketing Automation Unleashed!


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